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Pass The What??! Two (Square) Roots Organix Videos Appear Online

Posted by: Yameen on October 25th, 2008 in Thangs

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Imagine my surprise this week when two videos from The Roots’ debut album, Organix popped up on YouTube? I have never seen either of these videos before. I even went to my man, Efertlis who ran TheRoots.com back in the day (pre-Okayplayer.com) and he never saw either of the videos either. The first video from The Roots that I ever saw was “Distortion to Static” on The Box around 93-94.

So here are the videos, complete with young bucks Ahmir Brother ? and Tariq Black Thought. Not to mention a long-haired Scott Storch and former Roots member, Kid Crumbs aka Kenyatta.

Pass The Popcorn: