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Black Dynamite Anime – Jamie Vickers Collabo

Posted by: Yameen on August 5th, 2012 in Thangs

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Ya’ll know Jamie Vickers, right!? He’s the animator and director of the Yameen, “Light of Love” video (embedded below).

He’s just wrapped up work on the animated Black Dynamite television series, broadcasting now on [adult swim] / Cartoon Network.

Jamie storyboarded the last episode of the series. So be sure to check out the trailer linked below, and catch the show Sundays at 11:30pm on [adult swim].

And Jamie’s “Light of Love” video:

Hieroglyphics – Live (Video), Pomona CA, 2000

Posted by: Yameen on August 3rd, 2012 in Hieroglyphics, Thangs

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Last weekend I dumped over 131 gigs of DV video tapes of all kinds of stuff from 12+ years ago.

Among the tapes was some live footage of the Hieroglyphics crew performing at The Glass House in Pomona, California on March 16th, 2000.

Youtube’s upload limits at the time of this writing forced me to split the footage in two. I’ve embedded both parts below. Enjoy!

01:00 – Make Your Mind Up – A-Plus
02:30 – Oakland Blackouts – Opio & Del
05:00 – After Dark – Pep Love
07:30 – I Gotta (Get Down) – Casual
11:30 – That’s When Ya Lost – Souls of Mischief
14:50 – Catch a Bad One – Del
17:23 – Crooked Angles – Pep Love
21:13 – See Delight – Opio & Pep Love
24:05 – I Didn’t Mean To – Casual

Sir Jarlsberg: “Teach Thee How to Curtsy” — Hark!

Posted by: Yameen on January 26th, 2012 in Thangs

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At long last, Sir Jarlsberg hath released his debut video, “Teach Thee How to Curtsy” for thou to enjoy! Find it embedded hither:

If thou durst seek more info on Sir Jarlsberg, thou canst click on thy linketh: Party Fun Action Committee Returns.

Light of Love Video Director, Jamie Vickers on Catsuka

Posted by: Yameen on November 23rd, 2011 in Light of Love Anime Video, Never Knows Encore, Never Knows More, Press

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French anime website, Catsuka recently featured the Light of Love anime video and its director, Jamie Vickers on its pages, giving a bit more insight into the origins of the video (which was in fact a pilot for a television show). From Google Translate:

Jamie Vickers is one of those rare leaders foreigners working in Japan in the background. I had already relayed his demo tape, which allowed to realize that he hosted for people like Koji Morimoto (on Dimension Bomb in Genius Party Beyond) or Masaaki Yuasa (on Kemonozume). And doing research on anything else, I came across a video clip passed unnoticed, he realized, design and animation in the (fire) Daisuke Nakayama Studio Realthing: Light of Love to Yameen and Lady Alma. We could already see the clip in his demo tape, with a new name – The Sound of Fire – and presented as a pilot.

The Light of Love anime video was in fact a slice of a pilot called “Sound of Fire” originally based on the song “Fire” from my album, Never Knows Best. The video was designed, directed and animated by Jamie and produced by Japanese anime studio, RealThing in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The video’s executive producer was Yujiro Funato. And of course there was a cast of talented artists who have helped bring the video to life:

Production – Realthing
Executive Producer – Yujiro Funato
Producer / Creative support – Norifumi Fujita
Direction / Animation – Jamie Vickers
CGI Direction – Mayu Hirano
Animation / Color Design – Yuko Ueno

Thanks to Catsuka for featuring the video.

Check out Jamie’s 2010 animation reel directly below, and the Light of Love video follows.

Rahsheed & Ill Advised – Video

Posted by: Yameen on September 21st, 2011 in Thangs

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I was at the video shoot for this way back in 1998 with Mic Meech of the legendary Fightins Phillies blog. For years I wanted to see the final video but I just never caught it on any late night hiphop video shows.

But that changed last week when I randomly searched for it on Youtube and BOOM — There it was. And posted online just the month prior, no less! Nearly 15 years later (!!) I finally get to see it, and it doesn't disappoint.

One of the greatest Philly hiphop tracks ever, check out the official video for Rahsheed (aka Maylay Sparks) and Ill Advised's "" below. And look for Meech and I somewhere in the b-boy crowd shot:

Interview with Domino, Hieroglyphics – June 1997 (Presented in Stink-E-Scope)

Posted by: Yameen on September 6th, 2011 in Hieroglyphics, Thangs

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I dug up a pretty amazing audio conversation I had with Domino of Hieroglyphics from way back in June 1997, right as Hiero was knee-deep preparing their debut “family album”, 3rd Eye Vision for mass consumption.

Presented in our all-new Stink-E-Scope theater technology, this is more than just a simple audio interview: Sit back and be amazed by the moving pictures, the talkie high fidelity audio and tons of Hiero history as we go back…WAY back…To 1997:

Errrrr…Put yer breaks on. Scratch that. We just noticed you’re using a mobile device. This chumpy requires a good deal of screen real estate. Something like a laptop or a desktop. So unfortunately, you won’t be able to view it at the moment. But, we promise, if you come back and visit on a non-mobile device, it’ll be worth it.

» Click here to email yourself a link to the page to check it out for later.

Errrrr…Put yer breaks on. Scratch that. We just noticed you’re most likely using a tablet device of some sort. This chumpy requires a good deal of screen real estate. Something like a laptop or a desktop. We’re also not quite convinced (at the time of this writing, at least) most tablet devices can sustain the power that is Stink-E-Scope theater. So unfortunately, you won’t be able to view it at the moment. But, we promise, if you come back and visit on a non-tablet device, it’ll be worth it.

» Click here to email yourself a link to the page to check it out for later.

Click above to begin interview

Errrrr…Put yer breaks on. Scratch that. Actually? I’m sorry to get you all hyped up and let you down, but your browser’s too under-powered for this feature (we ran a test when you landed on the page). Truly sorry. We try to push the envelop of cool ish around here and sometimes that means using the newest tech available.

All is not lost, however! You can upgrade to one of these modern browsers (we prefer Chrome):

- Chrome
- Safari 5+
- Firefox 3.5+
- Opera 10+
- Internet Explorer 9+

Video Art: Yameen Pic #3

Posted by: Yameen on July 23rd, 2010 in Light of Love Anime Video, Never Knows Encore

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Pic of ya boy.

Check out the Yameen anime video featuring Lady Alma and Mark de Clive-Lowe.

Part 3 — Windows 7: Play 1080p HD MKV Movies on Your ION Acer Revo

Posted by: Yameen on July 10th, 2010 in Thangs

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It’s been a long time / I shouldn’t have left you / without a strong blog to post to.

As promised, the 3rd part in my ongoing “Building a Cheap, Energy-Efficient HTPC & Classic Gaming Emulator Box” series of articles on my Acer Revo 1600.

I’d like to outline in this article my settings for playing back perfect 1080p HD movies on the Acer Revo in Windows 7. There’s a lot of incomplete information out there regarding how to “properly” playback HD movies on the Revo. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff I have read online doesn’t take into account things like subtitle rendering which can have an impact on movie playback. So I wanted to write a definitive guide for the Revo which I have spent months honing and perfecting.

What You’ll Need

My hardware setup:

Acer Revo 1600 (standard ION LE, upgraded to 2 gigs of RAM, with adjusted 512MB of video RAM as detailed here).

Alternatively, you could use a Revo 3600 or 3610. And possibly (??) similarly-spec’d ION platforms such as Asrock, etc. But your mileage may vary.


Windows 7 (I am using Home Premium 32bit Upgrade version, non-OEM)
Windows Media Player Classic Home Cinema
CoreAVC 2 (~$10)
Haali Media Splitter
Nvidia Graphics Drivers (I am using 257.21 WHQL)
Nvidia HDMI Audio Driver (I am using WHQL)

Start Installin’

First, download and install the Nvidia Graphics Drivers:

If you are using an Revo 1600, select:
“ION > ION LE (Desktops) > Graphics Drivers > and then select your OS”

If you are using an Revo 3600 or 3610, select:
“ION > ION (Desktops) > Graphics Drivers > and then select your OS”

Follow the on-screen steps. Don’t install the Ethernet drivers if prompted (unless you specifically want them).

Continue to follow the on-screen instructions and reboot your Revo.

Next, download and install the Nvidia HDMI Audio drivers:

Revo 1600:
“ION > ION LE (Desktops) > HDMI Audio Drivers > and then select your OS”

Revo 3600 or 3610:
“ION > ION (Desktops) > Graphics Drivers > HDMI Audio Drivers > and then select your OS”

You may need to reboot.

After installation of the HDMI Audio driver, go to Control Panel > Sound > Manage audio devices.

Under the “Playback” tab, make sure “NVIDIA HDMI Out” is set to default with the green checkmark.

Download and install Media Player Classic Home Cinema and install using default options.

Next install CoreAVC 2.0. This handles the codec decoding and it is excellent at what it does. Yes, I know there are free options out there. But this is what I have used and I can guarantee it works on the Revo 1600. Install it with the default options.

Here is how CoreAVC’s options will appear using the default installation. Remember, do not change any of the options during installation:

Next, install Haali Media Splitter with default install options. This will parse your MKVs and other video files and designate which programs will open the separate streams of the file, including audio and video. Haali does all the work, don’t even sweat it.

Finally, install Directvobsub with default install options. Why Directvobsub? Because when I used MPC’s internal subtitle filters, large bit-rate files would suffer during playback. We need to offload the subtitles to another program to let MPC do its thing, and Directvobsub is great at that.

Ready, Settings, Go!

Everything installed with default options, then? Great, we’re almost there!

OK, I know it feels like we just blew through all of that. But here’s where we will set things up:

In Media Player Classic, go to View > Options > External filters.

Click “Add filter” and locate “DirectVobSub (auto-loading version)”. Highlight it and click, “OK”. Now click “Prefer”, hit “Apply” and then “OK”.

Next, go to “View > Options > Output”.

Select “EVR (Vista/.Net3)”. This is an extremely fast decoder, and it handles every single video file I throw at it like a champ.

Hit, “Apply” and then “OK” to save your selection.

Now You’re Playing with Power

At this point, you are ready to go!

Use Windows Media Player Classic Home Cinema to open up all of your HD movie files from here on out.

When you play an HD file, you will notice a few new icons pop-up on your taskbar:

From left to right they are:

CoreAVC: When the icon is green, CoreAVC has engaged the Revo’s GPU CUDA capabilities and is properly decoding the video.

Haali Media Spliter: The green arrow means Haali is working properly, and demultiplexing the movie’s streams.

DirectVobSub: Right-click this white icon to bring up your audio and subtitle streams. In Media Player Classic, you can easily switch between subtitles by simply hitting “S” on the keypad while a movie is playing. This is super easy if you have a handy HTPC remote, such as my trusty Lenovo Wireless keyboard.

And honestly, that’s it. You can now play 1080p and 720p HD movies flawlessly on your Acer Revo.

Bonus Tips & Tweaks

Here’s a few more tips I have setup to make an enjoyable movie watching experience using Media Player Classic Home Cincema:

In Media Player Classic, click “View > Options > Player”. Here, place a check next to, “Launch files in fullscreen” so that movies start in (you guessed it) fullscreen mode immediately after clicked.

Another nerdy thing I do is turn on the statistics options, simply so I can marvel frome time to time at how zero frames are ever dropped with this particular setup. To do this, open Media Player Classic and select “View” from the menu. Place a check next to: Caption&Menu, Seek Bar, Controls, Information, Statistics and Status. You will end up with a statistics panel that plays below the movie, which will only display when you escape from fullscreen mode:

And there you have it. This is what I use. I have scrutinized the playback of dozens of movies with various bitrates and file containers. This setup has proven rock solid for me. I hope it does the same for you.


Update – August 2010: The Dharma Initiative

Thanks to Scott R in the comments as well as the AVS Forums for hipping me to the presently in-development (but extremely promising) Dharma builds of XBMC on Windows 7. These are essentially betas at the moment, but will one day become the latest release of XBMC.

What’s so special about the Dharma branch of nightly builds is its use of DXVA 2. This is the latest Direct-X video acceleration from Microsoft and it only works on Vista and Windows 7. I’ve thrown a ton of test videos at the Dharma XBMC install and it’s played everything without a hitch.

It’s all very promising, because now you get perfect HD video playback and the fantastic XBMC front-end to boot. The only shortcoming at the moment is: Since the XBMC crew is currently working on the Dharma branch, the code is constantly changing, features are slowly trickling in, and bugs will more than likely pop-up.

Of course, all those issues will be sorted out once Dharma is ready for prime time. I look forward to it.

Click here to download the latest Dharma nightlies. Please note: This software is in development and prone to bugs and may be lacking features. Also, if you currently have XBMC installed, you will need to completely uninstall it (along with profile data) before you install the nightly. Also, be sure to turn on DXVA 2 in the settings, as it was set to “off” by default in my nightly.

Scott R also hipped me to the fact that you can use an external video player with XBMC front-end. And you can do this NOW in 9.11 of XBMC. I tried it with Media Player Classic and it WORKS. You’ll need to edit an XML file with a simple notepad progam, but it’s not too difficult. I recommend testing it out! Cheers!

Continue reading:
Part 1 — Building a Cheap, Energy-Efficient HTPC & Classic Gaming Emulator Box
Part 2 — The Refinement: Building a Cheap HTPC & Gaming Box

Light of Love – Official Anime Video Trailer

Posted by: Yameen on July 2nd, 2010 in Light of Love Anime Video, Never Knows More

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Here it is, ya’ll: the “Light of Love” anime video trailer featuring Yameen & Lady Alma. Mark de Clive-Lowe is on the remix, and we are GO!

Be sure to check for a few cameos in the video including Casual of Hieroglyphics and Bobbito’s Footworks Illadelph record store, formerly located in Philly during the mid-to-late 90′s.

Check out a higher quality version at Vimeo as well: http://vimeo.com/13042021

Animation fans — especially Japanese anime from the likes of Gainax, Studio 4C, and Madhouse — are definitely in for a treat.

Production – Realthing
Executive Producer – Yujiro Funato
Producer / Creative support – Norifumi Fujita
Direction / Animation – Jamie Vickers
CGI Direction – Mayu Hirano
Animation / Color Design – Yuko Ueno

» Download the song from iTunes

» Download the song from Amazon.com MP3

Classic YO! MTV Raps Hiero Videos Hit Youtube

Posted by: Yameen on January 31st, 2010 in Hieroglyphics, Thangs

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Youtube member, YO! EDY K RAPS has posted some classic, live Hiero YO! MTV Raps performances and interviews from the early 90′s online, some of which I havne’t seen personally in over 15 years. Check em out.

But oh — a word of warning: Get em while they’re hot. Vaicom (MTV’s parent company) pulled the Del / Fab 5 Freddy interview down the last time it was on Youtube, so best to check it quick if that’s gonna be the case a second time around. Enjoy.

Del The Funky Homosapien Ft Hieroglyphics – No More Worries (Live) @ Yo MTV Raps 1993

(A-Plus, Casual, Snupe of Extra Prolific, Del)

Souls Of Mischief – 93 ‘Til Infinity (Live) @ Yo MTV Raps 1993

Del The Funky Homosapien – Interview Pt 1 @ Yo MTV Raps 1991

Del The Funky Homosapien – Interview Pt 2 @ Yo MTV Raps 1991

[YO! EDY K RAPS via Access Hip Hop]