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Stitch – “Before We Go Any Further” EP Download

Posted by: Yameen on February 2nd, 2010 in Thangs

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I was digging through the (virtual) crates and came up on my man Stitch’s EP, Before We Go Any Further. This is a true gem from a producer I really respect and admire. This has never been released before and I asked Stitch if it would be cool to share it here on the blog. Not only was he down but he was MAD DOWN and excited for ya’ll to hear some of his earlier work.

Stitch says,

HOLY SHIT!!! Yes those are all mine. What a trip, I havent heard those tunes in YEARS!

I added a little bonus: “G-Way” featuring Philly MC’s, Indy 500 & Peedi Crakk (now known as Peedi Peedi). This particular track was produced by the Superchimps — That’s Stitch and Benny Brows. And that’ll in fact be the *next* EP I’ll be uploading next week.

But for now, dig into Stitch’s EP of raw beats. I love this album and I’m glad ya’ll can check it out too!

» Stitch – “Before We Go Any Further” [35.2M, LAME MP3-V2(VBR)]

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