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New Mixtape! “Sifters: The Game (The Mix!)” – Mixed by DJ Icewater

Posted by: Yameen on June 26th, 2011 in Never Knows Encore

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Brand new free mixtape from the always magnaninous DJ Icewater!

An instrumental-fueled selection of tracks from Yameen, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Blockhead, Shock G, Mike Ladd and many more.

Check for the embed below! Or download the MP3 by clicking here.


Fire (Original mix)
Fire (Yameen’s Direct Drive Remix)
Fire (Blockhead Remix)
Spirit Walker (Original mix)
Spirit Walker (Mike Ladd Remix)
Pull Ya Cash Out
The Atmosphere
Shock’s Prelude
Light of Love (Original mix)
Light of Love (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix)

New EP: Never Knows Encore, In Stores Now!

Posted by: Yameen on February 10th, 2010 in Never Knows Encore

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The new EP, Never Knows Encore is in stores now!

This is the final album in the Never Knows series. It features the remix instrumentals from Never Knows More (featuring Mark de Clive-Lowe, Blockhead, Mike Ladd, and myself) as well as an alternate “Spirit Walker” vocal mix by Mike Ladd we are calling the “Pajama Jammy Jam Mix”.

Here’s a few links to grab the album online:

Amazon MP3
Juno Download (available in WAV format)


1. Light of Love feat. Lady Alma (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix) – Instrumental
2. Fire feat. Casual & Georgia Anne Muldrow (Blockhead Remix) – Instrumental
3. Spirit Walker feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (Mike Ladd Remix) – Instrumental
4. Pull Ya Cash Out feat. Maylay Sparks, Reef The Lost Cauze & DJ Icewater – Instrumental
5. Fire feat. Casual & Georgia Anne Muldrow (Yameen’s Direct Drive Remix) – Instrumental
6. Spirit Walker feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (Mike Ladd’s Pajama Jammy Jam Mix)

Party Fun Action Committee Returns! Yameen Album Sampler Videos

Posted by: Yameen on April 12th, 2009 in Never Knows More

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Party Fun Action Committee Returns - Yameen Album Sampler

Uncut MP3 Podcast:

Click here to download the uncut MP3 podcast hosted by Party Fun Action Committee (17:15 minutes / 18.8M)

Former record label A&R’s, Stephen Richardson and Lars Haighmael (also known as Party Fun Action Committee) dish out the roast after receiving a copy of my forthcoming CD, Never Knows More in the mail. No artist is spared as PFAC attempt to make heads or tails of the tracklisting. Hiphop comedy gold ensues in this 3-part animated series.

Part 1: Yameen, Mike Ladd, Georgia Anne Muldrow

Download: iPhone/iPod (MP4/H264, 426×320 – 17M) | Xvid (AVI/Mpeg4, 640×480 – 35MB)

Part 2: Blockhead, Casual & DLX

Download: iPhone/iPod (MP4/H264, 426×320 – 15.5M) | Xvid (AVI/Mpeg4, 640×480 – 30MB)

Part 3: Reef The Lost Cauze & Maylay Sparks

Download: iPhone/iPod (MP4/H264, 426×320 – 15M) | Xvid (AVI/Mpeg4, 640×480 – 32MB)

Never Knows More Tracklist Announced

Posted by: Yameen on March 25th, 2009 in Never Knows More

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Whatup, whatup. Been steady on the grind the past few weeks. But just got back from the studio earlier today where we laid down the final album sequence to the new EP, Never Knows More.

I am pushing for a May release on this chumpy. I’ll be working with the distributor in the next few weeks and see if we can’t lock down a solid release date. Can’t wait to share the new tunes with all of you. So without further adieu, here is the tracklisting. Cheers:

01 – Yameen??! (feat. DJ Icewater, prod. by Yameen)
02 – Spirit Walker feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (Mike Ladd Remix)
03 – Fire feat. Casual and Georgia Anne Muldrow (Blockhead Remix)
04 – Pull Ya Cash Out feat. Maylay Sparks & Reef The Lost Cauze (prod. by Yameen)
05 – Never Knows Best (MerLow Remix)
06 – Light of Love feat. Lady Alma (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix)
07 – The Atmosphere (Instrumental)
08 – Don’t Go Near The Speakers (Instrumental)
09 – Fire (Instrumental)
10 – Spirit Walker (Instrumental)
11 – Shock’s Prelude (feat. Shock G)
12 – Light of Love (Instrumental)
13 – Fire feat. Casual & Georgia Anne Muldrow (Yameen’s Direct Drive Remix)

Never Knows More — New EP, Spring 2009!

Posted by: Yameen on February 15th, 2009 in Never Knows More

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Yameen, "Never Knows More" EP

Come on, you didn’t think we’d be sitting around lunching, right?? We got too much music to share for any of that, maaaan.

I’d like to announce an all-new EP dropping Spring 2009 entitled, Never Knows More!

Look forward to new music and remixes from: Yameen, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Mike Ladd, Blockhead, Reef the Lost Cauze, Maylay Sparks, MerLow, the return of Party Fun Action Committee and more to be announced.

Also featured on the EP are all of the instrumentals from 2008′s, Never Knows Best, including “Spirt Walker”, “Light of Love”, and “The Atmosphere”.

Stay tuned!