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One Of Swords: Let’s Talk About Yameen

Posted by: Yameen on September 20th, 2010 in Press, Thangs

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My good, good friend from back in the day, Dan Amrich — who goes by the nom de Web, One Of Swords — is the self-described “social media guy” for videogame juggernaut, Activision: the publisher of Call of Duty, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero and many more.

As you may have read on my site in the past, I am a contributor to his weekly podcast, both as a guest and as a music producer.

Dan recently posted a very gracious article detailing which tracks he specifically uses of mine on his podcast and gave me a ton of dap in the process. Just like the olden days of the Interwebs, I felt it appropriate to share links in exchange for his kind words.

So QUICK! Hit the link and check out the One Of Swords website! Tons of behind-the-scenes news and features on some of video gaming’s biggest titles. And Dan is crazy knowledgeable and hilarious, so download a podcast or two as well!

DJ Hero 2 Shows Yameen Some (T-Shirt) Love

Posted by: Yameen on September 15th, 2010 in Press, Thangs

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While I’m still waiting for my official-official invitation to contribute to a DJ Hero video game set ;), I was pretty stoked to see Dan “One of Swords” Amrich — Activision’s social media guru and liaison — rocking one of my old, old SupremeEx t-shirts in this new DJ Hero 2 promotional video. Check it out:

And while that shirt has been sold out in men’s sizes for quite some time, as of this blog post there’s still a few women’s sizes left at The Giant Peach!

Co-Host, One Of Swords Activision Podcast: DJ Hero, Guitar Hero, Modern Warfare

Posted by: Yameen on February 6th, 2010 in Thangs

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I was invited to co-host the official Activision video games podcast, One of Swords this week with the show’s host (and my good friend), Dan Amrich.

We spoke about the DJ Hero titles, Guitar Hero, Rez, rhythm-action games and much more. Have a listen. Here are the links:

» Get the MP3 Download

   Get the podcast on iTunes
   Get the podcast on Zune
   Get the podcast on your own with RSS Feedburner

Activision Podcast, One of Swords, Music by Yameen

Posted by: Yameen on January 28th, 2010 in Thangs

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My man Dan Amrich — former senior editor of GamePro, Official X-Box Magazine, World of Warcraft Magazine and a ton of other journalistic endeavors of the videogame-kind (spanning well over 16 years!) — has just been hired by Activision as their brand-spankin’ new Community Manager! Congrats, Dan!

One of Swords, his nom de Web, has just dropped Episode 001 of the brand new podcast featuring music by ya boy. Check it out here:

» One of Swords Podcast 001: The Saga Begins

Also, be sure to check out:
Joystiq Interview: Dan Amrich of Activision community site One of Swords