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Sifters in the Land of Fun – Yameen Pixel Art Game

Posted by: Yameen on June 22nd, 2011 in Never Knows Encore, Thangs

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I am super excited to announce that my brand new web game Sifters in the Land of Fun is now live and ready to play for free online! Check it out here:


There are hot spots hidden around the Land of Fun just waiting to be discovered. Correctly name them and download an exclusive MP3 mix by DJ Icewater!

If you’re a fan of pixel art, definitely check the game out. Also, if you know the Konami code I wouldn’t bother trying it…I doubt it would do anything ;)

Yameen Pixel Art Persona for Firefox Web Browser

Posted by: Yameen on March 18th, 2010 in Never Knows Encore

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I just noticed Firefox 3.6 and higher lets you re-skin the browser using “Personas” to give it a unique, personalized look. I thought it would be dope to make a Yameen one featuring some of the pixel art we’ve been working on. Check it out (click for a larger view):

That’s me on the wheels of steel playin the dope rooftop party!

This is a Philly-themed persona featuring the famous Rocky statue (as featured in the movie) and the LOVE Park sign.

Make sure you have Firefox 3.6 or higher installed (for Mac, PC or Linux). Then, click the link below to set the persona: